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ACO Certified Organic... an Ethical and Genuine Business Opportunity to Promote Chemical FREE Products

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Certified Organic Baby Care Products - Organics is THE fastest growing trend in the world - Learn how YOU could earn a significant residual income by becoming a MiSpa Party Plan Representative. Start your own ethical home business today with this fully sustainable and ecologically sound organic opportunity - Our products are totally natural and non toxic 100% Synthetic-Chemical-FREE.... Safe for Baby and Safe for YOU

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A Miessence Organic Party involves demonstrating the MiEssence product range in your home or someone else's home on a party plan type basis. The Miessence Organic Representative receives bonuses for the sale of the products to guests. The person who invites the Miessence Representative into their home can earn a Hostess Gift depending on sales at the party and is also treated to a free pampering session from the Representative organising the Party. The Miessence Party Strategy meets with great success because guests get to try the luxurious products before buying, and the host/hostess is also rewarded for it too! Cost: Usually minimal and can include transport, product samples, Miessence stationery, possible cost for a Host Gift* Conditions apply (Speak to your Sponsor for more information about this strategy)

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Miessence Party Plan Business Opportunity: Chemical free skin care products, natural chemical free skin care, organic chemical free skin care, 100% chemical free skin care. The party plan approach is an extremely effective way to promote products that need to be explained in regard to their benefits on health. Party Plan has been used with great success for decades by companies such as Tupperware and Arbonne. It is a very effective way to build an income very quickly, whilst creating exposure of the opportunity to others and thereby potentially being able to leverage your own income.

In this impersonal world we live in, a hands on approach can often be the most effective way a new organic Representative can establish an income without having to travel too far or to outlay large sums of money. With Miessence organic parties we believe that the hands on approach is still very effective in this impersonal and high tech world. However, for those of you that have a penchant for the high tech, a combination of both can be a very effective marketing strategy to enable you to build an income from home. Using organic Miessence parties is very a successful technique to market our organic natural products. Chemical free skin care brands and chemical free skin care and makeup

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