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Join the Organic Revolution - THE fastest growing trend in the world - Learn how YOU could earn a substantial residual income from this amazing growth industry. Start your own ethical home business today - a fully sustainable and ecologically sound opportunity - 100% Synthetic-Chemical-FREE totally natural products - Miss this... Regret it forever!


What if... YOU could change YOUR life?

Geoff Goldie

"After being chemically sensitised to toxic chemicals as a young man in New Zealand, Geoff has been beating a drum for many years now about the dangers chemicals pose when a build up or a "bodyload" of chemicals occur in the body and believes metabolic disease, which is so much more prevalent now than what it used to be only 50 years ago, is largely caused by exposure to the vast numbers of synthetic chemicals in everyday use. Many scientists are now pointing the finger at long term exposure to repetitive low levels of chemicals in personal care and skin care products as one of the prime causes of cancer due to the synergise effects of dozens or even hundreds of chemicals interacting within the body.

When Geoff was first approached about the products, he was thrilled to find it was a Network Marketing Enterprise which allowed promotion not only to other Networkers, but to Customers, Health and Beauty Professionals alike. He was enormously impressed with the global potential of the business opportunity, due to the huge number of enquiries he was receiving already via an information website www.health-report.co.uk he launched in the year 2000 about the health effects of toxic chemicals. It took less than 10 minutes for Geoff to decide to quit the company he was with in the UK, which was big on hype lies and promises, yet continued to flog the same old tired alphabet soup of synthetic chemicals in their products. Geoff says it's the best decision he has made to change focus to this highly ethical company and industry.


Due to the overwhelming demand for the products and the power of the Internet to build a business of this nature far beyond ALL previously recognized borders, Geoff has succeeded in achieving the highest rank possible, as outlined in the Compensation Plan, in record time.


Geoff's financial future is now 100% assured as the momentum for genuine certified organic products builds around the world. It's great not ever needing to "work" again and watching an already substantial income continue to grow month after month. Talk about timing - there is nothing like being at the start of a major worldwide trend! It doesn't matter who you are, what age or where you live - you too could be earning an extra income from this massively expanding industry. All that is required of you is to be teachable and the will to get started and succeed!


My team and I are standing by to give anyone, who is teachable and has the will to succeed in their own business, every assistance in learning how to break free of their own financial and time shackles - just as we have done.

If you are interested in the concept of organics and in building a home based business, this is an opportunity you shouldn't miss. We (Global Organic Marketing Group) will assist you to establish your own successful network, just like we're doing, using a combination of Internet Marketing and Referral Marketing methods.

Hopefully we can look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to contact us for further information on the products or the business opportunity in your own country.


Geoff Goldie - Senior Executive


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